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Protection Plan FAQs



What is covered under the plan?

The following coverage starts after the manufacturer’s warranty period:

What is not covered under the plan?

Additional exclusions apply. See Terms and Conditions for complete list.

When does my plan start?

Your plan begins after the manufacturer’s warranty ends and continues for the period indicated on your order confirmation email.

How long will my plan cover my new product?

Your confirmation email will tell you how long your product is covered. You can also find your plan coverage details by searching “Asurion” at

How does the manufacturer’s warranty work with my plan?

Your plan begins after the manufacturer’s warranty ends. Contact the manufacturer for breakdowns during the warranty period; if you have any issues contacting them, we are here to assist you.

Coverage Chart Coverage Chart

Do I need to register my product?

You are not required to register your product - it is optional. If you would like to, please click here to save your digital receipt making it easier to file a claim in the future.

Filing a Claim

How do I file a claim?

You can complete your entire claim online - it’s the quickest and easiest way to get your product back up and running.

Is there a waiting period before I can file a claim?

There is no waiting period. A claim can be filed anytime after purchase if the failure is covered.

What do I need to file a claim?

Your order receipt for the plan as well as your product receipt will be needed. A copy of your order receipt for your plan can be found on; then, search “Asurion,” find the correct plan, and click “Invoice.”


Can I cancel my plan?

You may cancel your plan anytime (with a full refund if canceled within the first 30 days). After 30 days of coverage, you will receive a prorated refund.

How do I cancel, if needed?

Visit and search “Asurion.” Find the plan you wish to cancel. Within the first 30 days, click “Cancel Policy.” After 30 days, click “Contact Seller” and select “Return Product” as the subject.